RE: [xml] When to call xmlInitParser() ?

Hello again,

Myself wrote:


when i use libxml in a scenario where two or more different 
are created during the runtime of the calling programm, have i to call
xmlInitParser() only once or for each parserContext?
It's not a multithreaded environment, just that the 
application starts,
create a parserContext, parse document and then decides to 
stop or to do
further parsing with potentially different parser settings.

Thanx in advance!

I'm just wondering if my question is either too thumb or too tough to take
note of!?
If first option fits, please forgive my ignorance and answer anyhow, i'll
my shame if i should have hit on it on my own...   8)

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke
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