Re: [xml] Validity Checking headache :-(

On Wednesday 16 May 2001 09:52, you wrote:

Another question (sorry) : is xsltParseStylesheetFile affected by
xmlDoValidityCheckingDefault too ?

  Hum, yes it's a global setting ... you may have to handle this.

I'm thinking, wouldn't it be better to take it enabled ? That way the 
stylesheet would be validated too..

One thing that scares me much, mainly because I both don't know much 
stylesheets and libxslt too, is that, from what I have seen looking at the 
code of xsltproc, the NOTES of libxslt and from the fact that the result of 
xsltApplyStylesheet is a xmlDocPtr, is that it seems that right now a 
transformation from XML to something which is not HTML is not supported.. am 
I right or have I totally misunderstood this ? 
If I am right, it means that, to convert from XML to an arbitrary format 
(which is my case) I need to output HTML (or another XML) from the style 
sheet and then parse it to extract the data as I want.

I would be very grateful to you, or to anyone else, for making a little of 
light about this.




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