[xml] Unexpected behavior parsing notations

I have this two test files:
- test-dtd.xml -
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE TEST-DTD SYSTEM "test-dtd.dtd">

- test-dtd.dtd -
<!ENTITY FOO0 "bar0">
<!ENTITY FOO1 "bar1">
<!NOTATION type0 SYSTEM "program0">
<!NOTATION type1 SYSTEM "program1">

Then I've this code:
xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue = 1;

Now the doc struct have the intSubset and the extSubset fields !=
NULL. Why? I've specified only external DTD.

The extSubset has elements and entities fields != NULL, right. But the
notations field is NULL. Where are my notations?
I can find my notations in the notations field of intSubset. Why?

Paolo Casarini - casarini cs unibo it

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