[xml] Cannot compile xmllib2 under OpenVMS

We're trying to compile the libxml2 2.3.10 source tree under OpenVMS 7-2.1.

We have done the following (assuming that the directory we untarred the libxml2-2_3_10.tar file is DEVCEA$DRA0:[USER.S010792.LIBXML2-2_3_10]):

1) Under the [.VMS] directory, we copied the config.vms into the root source directory as config.h

When we try to compile, this is what we get:

D$S010792-> sho def
D$S010792-> define libxml DEVCEA$DRA0:[USER.S010792.LIBXML2-2_3_10]
D$S010792-> set def [.vms]
D$S010792-> @build_libxml

#include "libxml/xmlversion.h"
%CC-F-NOINCLFILE, Cannot find file <libxml/xmlversion.h> specified in #include directive.
at line number 18 in file DEVCEA$DRA0:[USER.S010792.LIBXML2-2_3_10]LIBXML.H;2
%DCL-W-IVCHAR, invalid numeric value - check for invalid digits

We've even attempted to force it to the DEVCEA$DRA0:[USER.S010792.LIBXML2-2_3_10.INCLUDE] directory by editing the BUILD_LIBXML.COM DCL script and adding to the cc_command symbol the /INCLUDE_DIRECTORY, but that still doesn't work.

We've tried everything that we could and we cannot get it passed the compile stage for even the first file.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to use the parser for a major project and our platforms are OpenVMS.


Ivan Samuelson
Generation and Ties Support
Email: isamuelson aep com
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