[xml] Another XML::LibXML Perl Question

I need to iterate over the DOM in a serial manner.  Is there a built in
way for me to do this.
I see an XML::LibXML::Node:iterator method but no docos and I cant
figure out if
that is what I need to do or not.

if each peice of XML where stored in an element of an array I would do
it like this.

foeach $thing (@xml) {

    if ($thing->hasdata) {
        my $tag = $thing->gettag();
        my $data = $thing->getdata();
        $self->formstring_tag_data($tag, $data);
    else {
        my $tag = $thing->gettag();

I know this is simplistic it just happens that I am controlling the
way the buisness system is reading in the data and I did it in a
manner that is consistant with the XML. Now all I need to do is
form the string from the XML.

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