RE: [xml] Win32/MSVC Facelift

  okay assuming this doesn't work what's the best alternative left ?

Ok, I defer to Igor for naming, etc.  I hereby sacrifice any alignment
issues to get the calling convention/variable stuff implemented.  As stated
earlier, I propose two macros, one for variables, one for functions.  Both
macros used only in headers.  Both macros defined in xmlwin32config.h (and
defined blank in in xmlversion.h).  There are various methods to implement,
I will be glad to help when there is some concensus.  However, essentially
headers would look like

int LIBXMLAPI someFunction();
extern LIBXMLEXP someExportedVariable;

Implementation along the lines of (in xmlwin32config.h)
#ifdef LIBXML_EXPORTS /* defined in the win32 projects as preprocessor*/
#define LIBXMLEXP __declspec(dllexport)
#define LIBXMLEXP __declspec(dllimport)

  At that point I am just sorry for you and suggest you 
switch to a better
computing platform honnestly.

Yeah well when you have over 2 million lines of code it becomes very
difficult to reverse decisions made in the early 90's.  Add to that little
endian/big endian, EBCIDIC vs. ascii, etc..  In an ideal world I could make
as much money as a carpenter and would never have to worry about any of this

Igor, as msvc owner, when you make a decision on the approach and let us
know and I will help with the implementation.

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