[xml] Binaries for Win32

Hello everyone,

As the sun shines, as the birds sing, I am compiling libxml and libxslt.
Actually I should be on my balcony making a barbecue on this wonderful
summer evening, but I have to postpone that.

As to relieve at least some of you from the same agony, so I have made
precompiled binaries for the native Win32 platform available on the web.
The URL is


I shall update the binaries as new releases become available. 

Please understand that the current CVS source is not going to compile
with the same result. No, this is not because I have built backdoors in
the source, but because I have made slight changes to the MSVC-specific
things for which I haven't posted the diffs yet. Why haven't I posted
the diffs? Because I have seen that MSVC IDE shamelessly inserts CRLF
line-endings in the files I change and that makes the diff utility
produce funny things. I must first ensure all the files are in UNIX
format and that I shall do tomorrow because now it is barbecue time :-)


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