RE: [xml] Creating Win32 wrapper function for exported variables

Hi there.

The latter of which causes an error because 
xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue is
already declared through LIBXML_DLL_IMPORT.

Does anyone still need that macro LIBXML_DLL_IMPORT? 

That macro is somewhat alien now that we have .def.src approach. To make
things more problematic, it is sometimes defined wrong, means it expands
to __declspec(dllimport) where it should expand to

If noone needs it anymore, then I would remove it completely. It has no
other effect but making it hard to use both libxml2 and libxslt as
shared libraries.

By the way, variables can be exported from Win32 DLLs, as can all other
C/C++ constructs. Actually, a proper C/C++ runtime environment somewhat
depends on the ability to export variables from dynamic libraries
(errno, cin, cout) and the assumption that every platform can do this is


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