Re: [xml] Creating Win32 wrapper function for exported variables

It's probably a header file problem. Check that your header is using
__declspec (dllimport) (defined via macros) for the imported variables.

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I tried this.  I have libxml2 built into a .dll and libxslt built into a
.dll.  I added xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue to the .def for libxml.  If I
xsltproc, dynamicly linking against libxml2.lib, it will compile/link
without error, but will give an access violation as soon as the variable
xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue is used.

If I link xsltproc against the .lib staticly (i.e. using the project
libxml2_a.dsp) xsltproc works without error.

Perhaps I am missing something in the .def file.  I tried both


xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue DATA

The latter of which causes an error because xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue is
already declared through LIBXML_DLL_IMPORT.

Anyone else able to build and use xsltproc dynamically linked against

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Subject: Re: [xml] Creating Win32 wrapper function for exported

You can export variables if you use a .def file for the .dll.

There's no need for wrapper functions.


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