Re: [xml] Using libiconv

On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Brian Stafford wrote:
Because libiconv provides bugfixes and is more comprehensive wrt
character sets than the one in libc it should be used in preference
to the one in libc by default.  So the search order should be

1) try libiconv
2) try libc iconv
3) no iconv support

Some libc have correct iconv() and before 1) and instead 2) must be
checket is it this case. Correct scenario must in this case as below:

1) check for iconv() in libc
2) check is version libc is it from set this which provides correct
   iconv() - if yes: done; if not ..
3) check for libiconv
4) check is installed libiconv provides correct implemtation iconv() -
   if yes: done; if not: no iconv() support.

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