Re: [xml] What steps to take to embed libxml2 in a proprietary application (and yes, i've read the FAQ... 8)

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 01:00:11PM +0100, Henke, Markus wrote:
My problem is, that im unsure about what steps i've to take to keep all
suppositions given by the libxml2-license(s) (and to keep leg./political
correctness... 8o)
And pls believe me, i've tried to find it out on my own, but now i'm stuck.
That's what i'm strive with:

- libxml2 is released under LPGL (library flavour) and W3C IPR, FAQ
predicates that they are compatible

  This "and" means you can pick either licence. So either you comply
to the LGPL or you comply to the W3C IPR.

  I think that the LGPL ask you to provide back enhancement you may have
made to the library. If you didn't modify it, no work needed.

  On the other hand if you made changes to the library but don't want
to provide them back you can use it under the W3C IPR, but in that case
there is a small advertizing clause.

  Those are advices from the principal author, I'm not a lawyer and don't
intend to turn into one. That's my understanding of both Licence and the
guidelines I expect people to follow, but it is not a legal advice on those


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