[xml] What steps to take to embed libxml2 in a proprietary application (and yes, i've read the FAQ... 8)

Hello all,

and please apologise if this goes too far off-topic.
As mentioned above i've read the FAQ and found:

"Can I embed libxml in a proprietary application ? "
"Yes. The W3C IPR allows you to also keep proprietary the changes you made
to libxml, but it would be graceful to provide back bugfixes and
improvements as patches for possible incorporation in the main development

That sounds perfect for what i want do do, that is to enhance a legacy
application by XML capabilities.
My problem is, that im unsure about what steps i've to take to keep all
suppositions given by the libxml2-license(s) (and to keep leg./political
correctness... 8o)
And pls believe me, i've tried to find it out on my own, but now i'm stuck.
That's what i'm strive with:

- libxml2 is released under LPGL (library flavour) and W3C IPR, FAQ
predicates that they are compatible
- but both have different suppositions what to include in propriatary
applications that uses the lib.
- and i'm no jurist, so i'm a little confused...

So my question:
Is there anyone who has done similar before and/or can clarify what i've to
do to make *legal* usage of libxml2 in a proprietary application (link it in
a prop. library)?
Or if not, to point me to a appropriate ressource/discussion group/mailing

Many thanx in advance!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke
 <<Markus Henke.vcf>> 

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