[xml] Assembling xml documents from multiple wsdl files


 I am sure I am missing something obvious here, but how would I go about
assembling an xml document which has references of this form:

<import location="http://localhost:80/addressbook_services/AddressBook.xsd";
namespace="http://www.addressbookservice.com/AddressBook-types"; />

(from a wsdl file)

I have read through the mailing list archive and found references to
Xinclude but am not sure if this is relevant. ref: xmlCopyNodeList ?

What I want to achieve is to assemble a single doc instance which contains
all the other documents referenced in the import tag (this can be recursive)
and then use xpath to get at the info I'm interested in.

Is there an easy way to do this or do I have to do this step by step,
loading and inserting each referenced document and building a doc that way?

If I build it step by step, how do I include the new document within the
structure of the parent? xmlCopyNodeList ?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Stephen Lord

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