RE: [xml] compiling libxml2-devel on solaris

Hello Jakob, all.

libxml2 and libxml2-devel are RPM packages and RPM has no home on
Solaris. Perhaps the one freak or another has installed it in such
environment (hello Cristian :-)), but RPM is nothing you find on every
Solaris box.

Had you been running Solaris on an IA32 machine, I could give you
binaries you would only need to copy at the apropriate location.
Unfortunately, SPARC workstations break my private budget and you must
either buy me a SPARC machine or build the software yourself. I would
prefer you take the first option, but since that is very unlikely to

...tell your admin that he must download the source code,
libxml2-x.x.x.tar.gz, compile it and install it. It is a matter of
typing ./configure; make; make install; and it brings everything needed
for utilitisation of libxml2, including development, onto your machine.

Oh, should the lack of GNU C compiler and GNU make lead your admin into
problems, perhaps he would consider the first option...?


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I am new to this list.

I have developped an application using libxml2 (from inside 
php) on Linux.  
Now, the application needs to be ported to the production 
machine which is a 
Sparc running Solaris.  The sysadmin asked me how to install 
libxml2 on this 

Apparently, there are two packages, libxml2 and 
libxml2-devel, which must both 
be installed.  While we could find the source code for 
libxml2, there doesn't 
seem to be one for the -devel package.

Note, I found a similar problem in the archive, but the 
response was less than 
helpful to me (of the kind: "if you are on such a platform, 
you should know 

So here's my kind request for an instructive answer on how to 
get libxml run on 

Thanks in advance,

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