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I never get used to the missing reply-to field on the libxml list.

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Subject: Re: [xml] Event based HTML parsing with libxml2, and...
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 07:57:05 +0000
From: Bjorn Reese <breese mail1 stofanet dk>
Organization: Hyperspace Academy
To: Bill Moseley <moseley hank org>
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Bill Moseley wrote:

I assume there's a SAX type of event based parser for HTML, but I haven't
been able to locate any examples -- or haven't recognized them when I saw

Yes, there is. The current HTML parser has been implemented via the
SAX interface. The SAX interface is compatible with that of Expat, so
it is very easy to replace Expat with libxml. The major difference
lies in the setting up your own callback functions, where Expat uses
setter funtions and libxml uses an array. You can find examples in

Second, if we end up bundling libxml2 with swish-e, would someone be able
to offer help on how to incorporate it into swish?  Is the best way to

IMHO, it is best to install them separately (like you would with any
other library). First people have to install libxml (which may already
be on the system), and afterwards they have to install swish-e.

~/libxml2/libxml2-2.4.1 > ./configure
creating cache ./config.cache
checking host system type... configure: error: can not guess host type; you
must specify one

It's rare that I don't have good luck with configure scripts on Linux.

Hmmm... what does 'sh -x config.guess' output (both stdout and stderr)?

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