RE: [xml] Patches for Win32/MSCC build

Hello there.

Hum.  Haven't thought this through hugely but I wonder if we 
should use
the TRIO ones? I'm not a fan of re-inventing the wheel but MS library
functions aren't always all their cracked up to be!  The TRIO 
ones would
at least ensure we have behaviour close to other builds?  Dunno.


Unfortunately, microsoft's compiler refuses to compile trio.c the way it is.

I haven't given it a closer look yet. I didn't want to make any
microsoftification of trio.c before having thought about it well and I shall
not make anything there without consulting the authors first. We shall
resolve this in the future, but for now we need some preliminary solution
because libxml2 does not compile without that patch to win32config.h.


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