Re: [xml] Patches for Win32/MSCC build

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Unfortunately, microsoft's compiler refuses to compile trio.c the way it is.

Wierd. It worked ok when I tried it  - added trio.c and strio.c to the .DSP
and tweaked the config headers where necessary.  Maybe I'll try it again since
I zorched my patched build tree when I added your patches...

I haven't given it a closer look yet. I didn't want to make any
microsoftification of trio.c before having thought about it well and I shall

As I understand it (and I'm new here so be gentle) we're the consumers of the
TRIO stuff from another project?  Do we patch it from the original distribution?
Would be nice to get it fixed at source if it needs changing.

Oh  - and thanks, the .DLL is working fine.


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