Re: [xml] libxml2 crash on entity declaration parsing

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 06:48:48PM +0200, Fabrizio Ammollo wrote:

I am still experimenting with libxml2 and entities using the SAX interface, 
and I have found that the following xml file will always make my program 
crash :
If I eliminate the entity declaration, everything works fine (that is, the 
parser complains that the entiity 'xml' was not defined).

  Handling entities on top of the SAX interface is hard, I warn against
it on the web page.

You will have to redo or try to reuse most of the existing work done at
this level in libxml, I suggest you look at the existing function used
by default in SAX.c but unfortunately I can't debug your code. Putting
a breakpoint at the SAX callback where your code is called and stepping
from there is the only way to debug this problem. For help on debugging
memory problems see


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Network
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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