[xml] libxml2 crash on entity declaration parsing


I am still experimenting with libxml2 and entities using the SAX interface, 
and I have found that the following xml file will always make my program 
crash :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE body SYSTEM "body.dtd" [
<!ENTITY xml "Extensible Markup Language">
<Title id="x">
text2 and text4
<Title id="y">
<Title id="&xml;">

If I eliminate the entity declaration, everything works fine (that is, the 
parser complains that the entiity 'xml' was not defined).

I *have* a body.dtd file, but that's not the cause of the problem : the 
problem happens also when I rename it. 

gdb reports this :

#0  0x8008bc54 in xmlParseEntityDecl (ctxt=0x806a8cc) at parser.c:3341
#1  0x8008e83a in xmlParseMarkupDecl (ctxt=0x806a8cc) at parser.c:4456
#2  0x80090996 in xmlParseInternalSubset (ctxt=0x806a8cc) at parser.c:5790
#3  0x800937d2 in xmlParseDocument (ctxt=0x806a8cc) at parser.c:7189
#4  0x800969ca in xmlSAXUserParseMemory (sax=0x80478d0, user_data=0x806d298,
size=134664856) at parser.c:9667
#5  0x804b2e7 in main (ac=7, av=0x8047cf8) at xml_main.c:757
#6  0x8049ddb in _start ()

The long entry at #4 does not contain the input buffer containing the XML 
file I passed to the function, but totally wrong data, probably because of 
memory corruption...


Fabrizio Ammollo

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