Re: [xml] Dynamic Linkage And MSCC

    >From: Igor Zlatkovic <izlatkovic daenet de>
    >Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 19:26:07 +0200
    >Now, what do you think about the whole? If by some unlikely chance the
    >community agrees on using this 'LIBXML_PUBLIC' macro, then I would get the
    >most recent snapshot from the CVS and adapt the public headers. Otherwise, I
    >would make the .DEF file.

I would think that the .DEF file is the best way to go, because that 
keeps Windows specific stuff away from the rest of the code.  However,
not being able to swap in and out features on a whim seems bad too... 
So both ways are unsatisfactory.  

Another way, is to have a  script, which generates the .DEF file. It 
would also allow enabling and disabling of features.  

I'm not sure if autoconf could do this, or if autoconf even works on 
Windows, but it seems perl would be well-suited for this. But, then 
again, keeping the script up to date could be just as bad as changing 
the .DEF file everytime you want to disable or enable features.

Another way may be to write a script which adds that DLL declaration to
the header files, so that it could be run before compilation.... 

All of these seem like a headache though.


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