[xml] libxml2 SAX parser and predefined entities


by experimenting with libxml2's (2.3.6) SAX parser and predefined entities I 
discovered this interesting behaviour, which seems to be a "side effect" : 
if within the callback function called by the parser when it encounters an 
entity I call xmlGetPredefinedEntity,  then the parser also executes the 
callback called when characters are read, with the "real text" of the entity 
(that is, "&" instead of "&" and so on), if I don't call 
xmlGetPredefinedEntity instead the characters callback is not called.

Is this the wanted behaviour or is it a "side effect" ? I'm asking this to be 
sure that I'm not relying upon something that may be subject to changes in 
the future.


        Fabrizio Ammollo

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