Hi, thanks for questions.

On 27 October 2011 11:32, Giles Atkinson <Giles Atkinson eu citrix com> wrote:
> Please give a more detailed explanation of the reason for this.  I do not see anything significant in the picture [1].

We'd like to style gtk+ applications differently depending on the
window being presented by the WM as focused or not. You can see on the
mockup that the unfocused window has different colors on its widgets,
not only on the window decorations.

But clients can do whatever they want with this information of course.

> And why would you ever want windows to appear to have focus unless they really do?

That's because of grabs. The WM grabs the keyboard when you drag the
window which causes a FocusOut event on the client for that window. In
this case we don't want the window to look "unfocused" because it's
not what the user expects and would mismatch how the WM is drawing the


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