Re: Pager/switcher per workspace or per screen

On 08/08/07, Mark Tiefenbruck <mark fluxbox org> wrote:
> Pardon my bluntness, but this seems like utter nonsense. What does
> window switching have to do with _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS?

That's what I'm asking, more or less. There isn't a hint which was
particularly close to what I was talking about; perhaps we need a
whole new hint for this instead.

> Why is the
> pager controlling or even interested in the behavior of alt-tab?

The pager is not necessarily controlling the behaviour of alt-tab. It
might be worthwhile for the pager and the WM to communicate about
whether windows from all workspaces should be shown or just the
current workspace, and in fact we have had a nontrivial number of
people requesting this behaviour. There's no sane place to do this
other than using EWMH-style hints.

> Even
> supposing that makes sense, if a pager wants alt-tab to behave in a
> cross-wm way, then it should implement alt-tab itself.

No, because alt-tab should be implemented by the window manager.
Allowing a pager to become a window manager is a recipe for pain.


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