Pager/switcher per workspace or per screen

Metacity has had a number of requests to allow alt-Tab to show all
windows on the current screen and not just the windows on the current

The pager already has this ability, but has no way to communicate it
to the WM. It seems that the best way to deal with this is a new EWMH
hint so that it can be done in a cross-WM way.

I think this is closely allied to desktop arrangements, and propose
that the currently unused data.l[1] in _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS be 1 if
switching should be per screen, and 0 (the default, as at present) if
it should be per workspace/desktop. The patches given on the bug above
are a basic implementation this (which still has a few bugs), and
there is also a program to switch between switching per workspace and
per screen.

I'd like feedback on whether this is the best way or whether it would
be better to introduce a whole new hint.



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