Re: Still need a hint for undecorated windows

On Saturday 25 June 2005 16:51, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Missing semantic things I know of:
>  - popups that are really part of the window they are transient for,
>    e.g. Epiphany toolbar editor used to be like this but didn't work
>    with current WMs, or it sounds like the Eclipse thing Billy mentioned
>    though I haven't seen that thing, or maybe some input method stuff.
>    These windows might be undecorated and be moved along with their
>    transient parent maybe.
>  - onscreen keyboard, which we could never specify the behavior of
>    in enough detail to put in the spec, or maybe we just decided
>    it was a dock, I don't remember
>  - maybe "WINE window" (which could be the same thing as XMMS
>    and Gkrellm really, only the WINE example is more legitimate IMO)
>  - OS X style "drawers" if someone implemented those might need a hint

For the "things that legitimately want no borders" list:

- Output-only windows (think xsnow)
- OSX-Dashboard-style apps
- Desktop icons that aren't managed by the DE's filemanager

Probably a few others I could think up.

Again, I don't really care if this becomes a netwm hint instead of an mwm 
hint, but I would like the spec to specify what subset of the mwm hints 
SHOULD be implemented in the RFC2119 sense.  Otherwise we get this fight 
again every few years.

- ajax

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