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On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 11:23:34 +0200 Lubos Lunak <l lunak suse cz> babbled:

> On Monday 11 of April 2005 05:36, Rob Adams wrote:
> > There haven't been any changes to the current draft spec in a long time,
> > and everyone is implementing the draft spec instead of the released spec.
> >
> > How's about putting together a timeline to get it in shape to release?
> > Or maybe just declaring it done?  What still needs to be done?  Are
> > there major warts we should shave off before releasing?
>  I'm not aware of anything to be done (except for the don't-raise-on-DND 
> functionality for which nobody(?) has an implementation for the latest 
> proposal, well at least I still don't *sigh*, so unless somebody else does 
> this one doesn't seem to make it in). I think we can just stamp it 
> "Official".

speaking of proposals... i should come out of lurk mode...
the virtual desktop specs are a little inadequate. basically for e17 you can have more than 1 virtual desktop visible at once (internally the implementation is done using "zones" a zone being a region of the screen (much like xinerama) that displays one of N virtual desktops (in a NxM gird) attached to that zone). the spec assumes display of 1 desktop at a time globally on 1 root. that kind of doesn't ... err... work as there are 2 or 3 or 4 or N active desktops in e17 (so for now i simply have to ignore ewmh for this)

the question is - do you want to stamp a release or continue adding things like this. i personally don't mind one way or another as this kind of thing becomes hard to support for pagers etc. and likely just wont be supported, but imho its the much better HID paradigm for things like multihead xinerama where each head has its own virtual desktop. (so far the feedback is 100% in favor of this too)

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