Re: EWMH Release

On Apr 12, 2005 3:23 AM, Lubos Lunak <l lunak suse cz> wrote:

>  I'm not aware of anything to be done (except for the don't-raise-on-DND
> functionality for which nobody(?) has an implementation for the latest
> proposal, well at least I still don't *sigh*, so unless somebody else does
> this one doesn't seem to make it in). I think we can just stamp it
> "Official".

Yeah, I found out you were right about don't-raise-on-DND being a lot
more work than I was expecting; plus I had to tie up lots of loose
ends with the NET_WM_USER_TIME stuff so I ended up dropping the
don't-raise-on-DND stuff.  So I at least don't have one.  It may be
worth considering something simpler (just stuff that can be dragged to
another window instead of text selection, scrollbar movement, and
other such things?  Maybe even do all this in the context of XDND?),
at least as a start...

(So, yeah, another vote for stamping the current version as "official")


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