Re: _NET_WORKAREA and dual head

Rob Adams (readams readams net):

> I should point out that unless you have a damn good reason, you should
> let the window manager place your dialog.

  One example is that our application has different modes, and some
child windows only exist in certain modes.  When they reappear, we want
to remember where they were before: unless they're now under a panel.

  Another example is that we have a dialog which grows itself under
certain circumstances.  If that would put the OK button below a panel,
we'd like to move it to avoid this case.

  Finally, I am pretty sure that our dialog opening code positions the
dialog ourselves to be closest to the most relevant part of the window,
but again trying to avoid panels.  I should confirm this use though.

  Do you have any specific advice in these cases, or do you think we're
doing something wrong?


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