Re: _NET_WORKAREA and dual head

  I agree that our problem is much simpler if we have rectangles fixed
to a screen edge, and that reserving space in the middle of a monitor
does not make sense.

Rob Adams (readams readams net):

> I think that a rather simple extension to _STRUT_PARTIAL, though,
> would be the easiest solution.  We could add a xinerama number to the
> hint specifying that it should apply to just one xinerama.  This would
> mean that existing WMs would have to be changed very little to achieve
> essentially the same effect.  The only loss would be the ability to
> set a "reserved area" in the middle of the screen, which I think is
> really not a loss at all.

  I think this proposal makes the most sense.  Is there a good way we
can add this while keeping compatibility?


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