Re: Last call for EWMH 1.2

>> net_wm_state's ADD, REMOVE, and TOGGLE are given atom names even though
>> they are meant to be #defines/constants.  I got this wrong the first time I
> > implemented the atom in Blackbox.
> We don't have a separate namespace for constants. Its similar for the
> _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE constants.

in the wm_moveresize test you clearly mark them as #defines though.  A minor 
nit which I caught when I re-read the section.

>> the two visible name properties.  If a client only sets WM_NAME is the
>> window manager supposed to set net_wm_visible_name?  I presume the same >> 
>> answer applies to icon_name.
> Yes, this is only ever set by the wm, never by the client (who doesn't
> even know whats visible, thats the point).
> "If the Window Manager displays a window name other than _NET_WM_NAME the
> Window Manager MUST set this to the title displayed in UTF-8 encoding."

the rationale however says:

Rationale: This property is for window managers that display a title different
from the _NET_WM_NAME or WM_NAME of the window.

So which is it?

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