Re: Last call for EWMH 1.2

"Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shalehperry attbi com> writes: 
> the two visible name properties.  If a client only sets WM_NAME is the window 
> manager supposed to set net_wm_visible_name?  I presume the same answer 
> applies to icon_name.

The WM always sets visible_name, the app always sets wm_name.

> skip_pager and skip_taskbar state "Applications should not set this hint if 
> _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE already conveys the exact nature of the window".  For 
> someone who does not heavily use a desktop environment what window types 
> imply skip_taskbar or pager?

No window types necessarily imply skip_taskbar or pager. The point is
that if your dock is just a dock, or dialog, or splashscreen, or other
available _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE, nothing weird about it, set the
semantic type but don't also set skip_taskbar or pager.  The pager and
taskbar already have all the info they need from the window
type. skip_taskbar/pager are intended for use only if you have a weird
window that isn't one of the known types. The point of this rule is to
let pagers/taskbars set the policy for what is skipped, rather than
coding it in apps.

(Of course weird window types are discouraged for
usability/consistency reasons, but people do this stuff anyway.)

> if a window is minimized am I supposed to change
> net_wm_allowed_actions?


> Or does this fall under "ignore requests for unmapped windows".

I think "unmapped" here means "withdrawn"


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