Re: Last call for EWMH 1.2

> Enclosed is my patch for spelling mistakes, grammar and the like.  Note 
> removed a few British English spellings.  Not because I am pro-American 
> English but simply because the text was not consistent and was more 
> than British in content.

Thanks, I'll look into it.

> WM vs. Window Manager v. window manager.  Pick one, pick two but do we 
> need all three?

I think we should use "Window Manager" when we refer to a wm implementing 
EWMH, and "window manager" when we refer to any wm (mainly in the 
introduction, I guess).

> net_wm_state's ADD, REMOVE, and TOGGLE are given atom names even though 
> are meant to be #defines/constants.  I got this wrong the first time I 
> implemented the atom in Blackbox.

We don't have a separate namespace for constants. Its similar for the 

> the two visible name properties.  If a client only sets WM_NAME is the 
> manager supposed to set net_wm_visible_name?  I presume the same answer 
> applies to icon_name.

Yes, this is only ever set by the wm, never by the client (who doesn't 
even know whats visible, thats the point). 
"If the Window Manager displays a window name other than _NET_WM_NAME the 
Window Manager MUST set this to the title displayed in UTF-8 encoding."

> if a window is minimized am I supposed to change net_wm_allowed_actions?
> Or does this fall under "ignore requests for unmapped windows".

"The window manager MUST keep this property updated to reflect the actions 
which are currently "active" or "sensitive" for a window."


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