Re: pseudo transparency

Owen Taylor wrote:

Olivier Chapuis <olivier chapuis free fr> writes:

Yes I was not award that this may be so problematic (some Sasha remarks
go in the same direction). But what I want is to prevent a bad hack which

is at the present time the "only way" to implement parental relativity
(an application should not touch the wm frames).
Also, I do not want to force all window manager to implement this. I thought that _NET_SUPPORTED will be enough for this?
(the example in the wm-spec for _NET_SUPPORTED concerns the net wm
states and the wm-spec used only "The Window Manager SHOULD honor
_NET_WM_STATE" and not "The Window Manager MUST honor_NET_WM_STATE").

_NET_SUPPORTED might be enough, but it's hard on applications since they
have to deal with window managers changing.

I really don't think that trying to use parent-relative backgrounds for
this purpose makes a lot of sense:

 * It requires window manager support

What I would really like to have is RootRelative background parameter.
Perhaps Keith could introduce this ? AFAIK it would not take a major development effort.

 * It interferes with the normal operations of window manager which probably
   is setting the window background of it's borders for other reasons.
 * It doesn't work if you want to shade the terminal background, which
   is probably a lot more common than not.

You cannot shade but you can tint. By using GC with function set to XOR, you can tint background in 6 "whole" colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, mag. by simple XFillRectangle. Works rather nicely in aterm.

And, most importantly:

 * It's not significantly cheaper. There is no need to copy the pixmap
   with the _XROOTPMAP_ID either method unless you want to shade, and
   with parent-relative pixmaps, you still have clear the window
   yourself each time you are moved by the window manager.

Right, but its this tinting as described above that makes whole lot of difference. Most of the aterm users choose it over eterm solely becouse it does not abuse memory the way Eterm does when tinted. But most likely I'll need to discontinue this feature in next version of AfterStep since I'll need my frame windows for something else :(



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