Re: pseudo transparency

Olivier Chapuis <olivier chapuis free fr> writes:

> Yes I was not award that this may be so problematic (some Sasha remarks
> go in the same direction). But what I want is to prevent a bad hack which

> is at the present time the "only way" to implement parental relativity
> (an application should not touch the wm frames).
> Also, I do not want to force all window manager to implement this. 
> I thought that _NET_SUPPORTED will be enough for this?
> (the example in the wm-spec for _NET_SUPPORTED concerns the net wm
> states and the wm-spec used only "The Window Manager SHOULD honor
> _NET_WM_STATE" and not "The Window Manager MUST honor_NET_WM_STATE"). 

_NET_SUPPORTED might be enough, but it's hard on applications since they
have to deal with window managers changing.

I really don't think that trying to use parent-relative backgrounds for
this purpose makes a lot of sense:

 * It requires window manager support
 * It interferes with the normal operations of window manager which probably
   is setting the window background of it's borders for other reasons.
 * It doesn't work if you want to shade the terminal background, which
   is probably a lot more common than not.

And, most importantly:

 * It's not significantly cheaper. There is no need to copy the pixmap
   with the _XROOTPMAP_ID either method unless you want to shade, and
   with parent-relative pixmaps, you still have clear the window
   yourself each time you are moved by the window manager.


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