Re: pseudo transparency

On Monday 14 January 2002 17:10, Sasha Vasko wrote:
> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > Olivier Chapuis <olivier chapuis free fr> writes:
> >>Yes I was not award that this may be so problematic (some Sasha remarks
> >>go in the same direction). But what I want is to prevent a bad hack which
> >  * It interferes with the normal operations of window manager which
> > probably is setting the window background of it's borders for other
> > reasons. * It doesn't work if you want to shade the terminal background,
> > which is probably a lot more common than not.
> You cannot shade but you can tint. By using GC with function set to XOR,
> you can tint background in 6 "whole" colors: red, green, blue, yellow,
> cyan, mag. by simple XFillRectangle. Works rather nicely in aterm.

Actually just after I sent this it occured to me that using XRender it is 
indeed very easy to shade Window that has ParentRelative background. All one 
has to do is to use image pixmap 1x1 of desired color (white , grey, black)  
and alpha pixmap filled with some meaningfull alpha value ( 0x7F for example 
)  and on each Expose or ConfigureNotify - do XClearArea and XRenderComposite.

In fact I tried it and it works rather nicely.

That makes ParentRelative a very interesting alternative.


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