Re: pseudo transparency

Owen Taylor wrote:

Sasha Vasko <sasha aftercode net> writes:
On Friday 11 January 2002 17:56, Owen Taylor wrote:
The problem is that you have shared resource at hand, and like anything else it has to be managed by window manager. And ICCCM compliant/recommended way of doing it is to use selection. Not that I'm inventing a wheel here.

Yes, in general I'm in favor of using manager resources to lock shared resources,
but I just don't see the benefit to a change here. We have a existing "standard"
that when used properly:

 - Makes sure that no pixmaps are leaked
 - Allows reliable notification as to what the current background is

Then I'd agree with Havoc's idea and make it a separate standard on Sort of post-factum standard.

What it doesn't provide to the user is the ability to configure their background
in one place and make sure that it will show correctly. But there is nothing
we can do about that at this level:;
* All a locking mechanism does is change "last wins" to "first wins". It
   doesn't guarantee that the one the user has configured wins.

 * The "big window" approach of Konqueror and Nautilus -- recommended in the WM
   spec -- means that setting the root window is often insufficient anyways,
   so just because you get the selection, doesn't mean that you are setting the
   background that the user sees.

I think it has to be up to the "desktop integrator" to make sure that there is
a clear place to set the background and that works.

I don't think the benefits of a change would be worth:
 * Having to modify all apps that use the current mechanism
 * Making it impossible to have "run and exit" background setters
 * Requiring some quite complex code in every app that wants to set the background.

Yep, there is that point of course.



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