Re: [Xpert]Re: User-level Tasks in Hotplug Scripts?

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, David Brownell wrote:

> The "single user desktop" model is well known to be the one
> which is relatively straightforward to address -- and arguably hits
> the "95% of end users" case here.  So long as one can kick in a
> "no gui" mode for servers, and do something intelligent in the case
> of multi-gui systems, that's a good place to start.

Not quite sure what you mean by "multi-gui systems".

Supplying a solution for "single user desktop" and "no gui servers"
will satisfy *almost* everyone.
However installing "single user desktop" on a classroom full of 
workstations runs the risk of being insufficently secure.
Although it may be a minority market, screwing it up could be very
bad for everyones reputation.

Even having a "classroom workstation" option, could be dangerous
if it doesn't have the features of "single user desktop", since some 
people will install the full-featured version however much you warn them 
of the pitfalls.
Besides it is much harder to bolt on security ofterwards.

Dr. Andrew C. Aitchison		Computer Officer, DPMMS, Cambridge
A C Aitchison dpmms cam ac uk

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