Re: [Xpert]Re: User-level Tasks in Hotplug Scripts?

Oliver Neukum wrote:

And what would the problem be with using an event distribution mechanism
that would require the listener to have certain privileges?

You may not want to base the distribution on privileges but on identity. eg
you want to associate some ports with some keyboards.
But in principle such a scheme should work.

Not only in principle, but also in practice, as I stated earlier. I would suggest having a look at "man pam_console", which is the way this kind of stuff is currently implemented.

There is no concept of more than one "local", i.e. console, user in Linux (or any other OS that I know of, for that matter), and changing that would be quite some work. Except for obscure vintage machines, does computers with more than one direct-attached keyboard even exist??

Anyway, in Linux, PAM is usually what (automatically) provides the mapping between session and privileges. You could add your own PAM module to associate the necessary privileges with a user session based on whatever parameters you want.

Christer Palm

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