Re: Pending 1.2 stuff

Dne so 10. srpen 2002 17:11 Havoc Pennington napsal(a):
> Matthias Clasen <maclas gmx de> writes:
> > Do you agree with replacing STATE_STAYS_ON_TOP with FLOATING with the
> > semantics given in my patch ?
> Yes, I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm not sure it would be used
> for types other than NORMAL but if someone wanted to use it for docks
> I guess it would be harmless. I like the way it only affects
> relationship to windows of same type (so you can't cheat and use
> FLOATING to implement something that should be marked as a dock).

 Sorry, I know I'm a bit late, but I don't think this definition of 
STAY^H^H^H^HFLOATING is very good. It IMHO shouldn't just say 'above windows 
of the same type'. What if I e.g. want to have a normal window above (part 
of) dock window? With the current definition, I most probably just don't have 
any chance to do it. What would be the problem with using something like I 
suggested here ?

 Havoc: Yes, sorry. Any special reason why the list doesn't change Reply-To: 
to point to the ML?

 Lubos Lunak
 llunak suse cz ; l lunak kde org

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