Re: Pending 1.2 stuff

On Sun, 2002-08-18 at 18:53, Havoc Pennington wrote: 
> Michael Toomim <toomim OCF Berkeley EDU> writes: 
> > Anyway, I think that the spec should just get a little bit of extra
> > configurability so that we can be done with it.  This isn't a question
> > for this list to answer.
> > 
> A fair argument. Can we put the extra orientation hint at the end of
> the property, so existing pagers and WMs keep working? ;-)

Ok, I'm committing it with this change. I also included two minor
additions in the new version: a intro section on layered stacking order 
and _NET_WM_ACTION_FULLSCREEN (which I assume was just overlooked when 
With this commit, all pending 1.2 changes have found a place in the draft.
I would like to finalize this as 1.2 soon. I propose to promote the draft
to final status at the beginning of September, giving everybody two weeks 
for proofreading. Ok ?

Havoc, I would also like to restructure the wm-spec section on the website
a bit and include formatted instances of older versions. Any objections ?


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