Re: Pending 1.2 stuff

Matthias Clasen wrote:

Personally I would just pick a layout, instead of complicating things.

Thats fine as long as you only consider a pager with a fixed horizontal
or vertical layout -- and in fact, I've argued that way before: the
numerical relationships between desktops shouldn't matter if we're
having a geometrical relationship.

It sounds to me like this question is too loaded with usability issues for it to be answered in a spec. I think it needs some serious usability analysis... and needs to be decided in the desktops.

So adding configuration to the pager issue sounds justifiable to me. Either that, or we let the usability people from both desktop groups come up with their own decisions about the pager, and then hope that they came up with the same thing...

... but then somebody might come along with a good argument to change it, and we'll all have to argue over the spec again.

Anyway, I think that the spec should just get a little bit of extra configurability so that we can be done with it. This isn't a question for this list to answer.

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