Re: updates ?

Matthias Clasen <maclas gmx de> writes: 
> Ok, I've dumped the CVS version of the wm-spec into the web module now.
> Now you just need to put it online.

Done. (That part takes literally 10 seconds, I just type "update-web")
> Its a pain to do since you basically have to cvs rm all the generated 
> html files, then cvs add the new ones, which is complicated by the fact
> that you have to rm them *before* you can cvs rm them... wouldn't it
> be possible to put a tarball of the generated html in the web module
> and extract it when putting the stuff online ? That would greatly
> simplify the wm-spec -> web step.

Yes, I could add that to the web script. (I think it could even just
go in the Makefile for the web module?)


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