Re: twm? How to test [was: Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes]

Matthias Ettrich <> writes:

> > |This does not happen with twm, so I guess twm doesn't do it correctly.
> > 
> > I guess this means that sawfish and twm now do the same thing.. I'm not
> > sure if that's correct or not..! :-(
> > 
> now, what _is_ again the compliant behaviour? I thought we agreed that
> x,y configure requests means (at least in NorthWestGravity) the top left corner
> of the window frame.
> Oven, please clearify.

[ Actually, that's "Owen". ]

According to the ICCCM, for NorthWestGravity, the x, y referse to
the top-left corner of the window manager frame.

xv is broken in rather strange ways. That is, it works fine with
twm, which is ICCCM compliant, and also works fine with fvwm,
which is not ICCCM compliant. But it doesn't work with old versions
of sawfish, which were not ICCCM compliant.

My best guess is that it expects ICCCM behavior, but it's
algorithm for finding out with the top-left corner of the window
manager decoration is is broken in such a way that it works
with some non-ICCCM compliant window managers. 


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