Re: twm? How to test [was: Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes]

> [ Actually, that's "Owen". ]

[ arggll.... I keep making this spelling error. Sorry, it's really not on

> According to the ICCCM, for NorthWestGravity, the x, y referse to
> the top-left corner of the window manager frame.
> xv is broken in rather strange ways. That is, it works fine with
> twm, which is ICCCM compliant, and also works fine with fvwm,
> which is not ICCCM compliant. But it doesn't work with old versions
> of sawfish, which were not ICCCM compliant.
> My best guess is that it expects ICCCM behavior, but it's
> algorithm for finding out with the top-left corner of the window
> manager decoration is is broken in such a way that it works
> with some non-ICCCM compliant window managers. 

And in such a way that it does not work with kwin, unfortunately. 
Looks like it has a problem with double reparenting window managers.

That might explain it.


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