Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes

Julian Adams writes:
|> I think we should remove that section from the spec, and possibly
|> replace it with a clear explanation of the ICCCM-required behaviour
|> (since this is often misunderstood).
|Could one of you guys rough this out - I have no idea what the exact
|ICCCM mandated behaviour is. Perhaps more importantly - would this
|compromise any other aspect of the WM-SPEC integrity ?

How about:

Window Movement

Window manager implementors should refer to the ICCCM for definitive
specifications of how to handle MapRequest and ConfigureNotify events.
However, since these aspects of the ICCCM are easily misread, this
document offers the following clarifications:

 - Window managers MUST honour the win_gravity field of WM_NORMAL_HINTS
   for both MapRequest _and_ ConfigureNotify events [1]

 - Applications are free to change their win_gravity setting at any time

 - When generating synthetic ConfigureNotify events, the position given
   MUST be the top-left corner of the client window in relation to the
   origin of the root window (i.e., ignoring win_gravity) [2]

[1] ICCCM Version 2.0, and 4.1.5
[2] ICCCM Version 2.0, 4.2.3

These are the things I was confused about, anyway; does anything else
need to be added?

|It would be a disaster if afterstep, kwin, sawfish, blackbox etc.
|implemented differing versions of the spec, but all posted the same



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