Re: comments on current spec

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, John Harper wrote:

> > > So I think the spec should either say that ``activating'' the window
> |> > may not have any effect if the window is not in the current desktop or
> |> > viewport, or that the current desktop or viewport may be changed to
> |> > allow the window to be activated.
> |
> |the pager can here request the appropriate desktop changes itself (as
> |desk-guide currently does btw).
> but the tasklist doesn't :-) (or didn't until recently, I haven't checked)

tasklist and desk-guide both use the same backend to talk to the window
manager, and that doesn't reliably support viewport/desktop movement
of windows, because most window manager implementations of that is
simply broken.

> |2) the pager can implement configuration dependant policies like
> |   activate-switches-to-windows-viewport or
> |   activate-moves-window-to-current-viewport
> well, imho, the wm should dictate this policy (controlled by the user),
> but I guess I would say that :-)

well, heh ;)
i definitely want to support both behaviours on the pager side, i.e.
activate window by pulling it to the current viewport, and activating
it by switching to its viewport. it doesn't really matter what we have
in the spec though, unless it's not clearly stated.
even if activation switches viewports, the pager can still first move
the window to the current viewport, and then activate it.

> 	John


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