Re: comments on current spec

> > So I think the spec should either say that ``activating'' the window
|> > may not have any effect if the window is not in the current desktop or
|> > viewport, or that the current desktop or viewport may be changed to
|> > allow the window to be activated.
|the pager can here request the appropriate desktop changes itself (as
|desk-guide currently does btw).

but the tasklist doesn't :-) (or didn't until recently, I haven't checked)

|it might be rarely needed, but the current spec allowes for "activation"
|of off-viewport windows, i.e. giving keyboard input to windows that are
|on another viewport/desktop.

Okay, that's true. But I think the wm should be given some slack here,
it should be allowed to make the minimum necessary changes to focus the
window (which may include mapping an iconified window, and/or selecting
the desktop it's a member of, but probably won't need to flip viewports
in most implementations)

If this isn't allowed, then maybe a clause needs to be added to the
spec saying something like, ``Depending on the current desktop /
viewport / iconification-state / phase-of-the-moon, this client message
may have no effect''

|2) the pager can implement configuration dependant policies like
|   activate-switches-to-windows-viewport or
|   activate-moves-window-to-current-viewport

well, imho, the wm should dictate this policy (controlled by the user),
but I guess I would say that :-)


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