Re: Window Manager IDL?

>The purpose of this initial specification is solely for #1. CORBA has
>already been voted out of the picture at this point for what we are
>dealing with at the moment.
>Once we have the initial spec complete, however, expanding to cover a
>second set of mechanisms of DE/WM integrations, via CORBA/IPC/etc. is a
>viable goal.
>Let's deal with what we have people waiting on us for first.

In that case, perhaps we should leave application control of the wm (#2) out 
of our first spec, otherwise we will end up providing two mechanisms to do 
the same thing (hints and CORBA).

Since both Gnome and KDE are committed to CORBA, I don't think there's much
point avoiding using it, and to specify a set of hints now which will be 
replaced by a CORBA interface in the future seems like a waste of effort.

Michael Rogers

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