Re: Window Manager IDL?

Nathan Clemons <> writes:

> On Mon, 06 Sep 1999 00:54:02 Greg Badros wrote:
> |>
> |> As I've claimed before there are really two parts to the spec -- 1) what
> |> hints applications should use for notifying the WM about its intended
> |> use for the windows; and 2) IPC mechanisms to permit separate processes
> |> to communicate usefully with the WM to do WM-like thiings. A Corba IDL
> |> and the corresponding implementations in each GNOME-compliant window
> |> manager is a really nice way to handle this second part.
> |> 
> The purpose of this initial specification is solely for #1. CORBA has
> already been voted out of the picture at this point for what we are
> dealing with at the moment.

Did I miss the vote?  I don't remember a vote...

> Once we have the initial spec complete, however, expanding to cover a
> second set of mechanisms of DE/WM integrations, via CORBA/IPC/etc. is a
> viable goal.
> Let's deal with what we have people waiting on us for first.

Great.  That's progress just to have a more narrow goal spelled out (it
at least wasn't clear to me that this was the case).


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