Re: Window Manager IDL?

On Mon, 06 Sep 1999 00:54:02 Greg Badros wrote:
|> As I've claimed before there are really two parts to the spec -- 1) what
|> hints applications should use for notifying the WM about its intended
|> use for the windows; and 2) IPC mechanisms to permit separate processes
|> to communicate usefully with the WM to do WM-like thiings. A Corba IDL
|> and the corresponding implementations in each GNOME-compliant window
|> manager is a really nice way to handle this second part.

The purpose of this initial specification is solely for #1. CORBA has
already been voted out of the picture at this point for what we are
dealing with at the moment.

Once we have the initial spec complete, however, expanding to cover a
second set of mechanisms of DE/WM integrations, via CORBA/IPC/etc. is a
viable goal.

Let's deal with what we have people waiting on us for first.


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